Lere’s Shoe Shine Experience cc provides training to produce not only a shoe shiner but a sales person who’s core focus is maintaining high sales which directly affects his clients and customers service. LSS focuses on both airport services as well as mobile shoe shine services for events, exhibitions, hotels or offices.

  • Clean and Polish,
  • Buff and Shine and
  • Sale of Accessories (laces and shoe horns)

Airport Activation

Lere Shoe Shine is the latest way of ensuring that your brand stands out in the exciting airport environment. By branding Lere Shoe Shine stands you are ensured that your branding is placed in high traffic areas in a way that brings your brand to life and fights the clutter.

Events and Exhibitions

We specialise in providing NATIONWIDE event and exhibition support, helping our various clients to build traffic around their stand/space and generate leads in this highly competitive industry.

So why not try our unique lead generating service at your next Corporate Event or Exhibition? We provide shoeshine chairs with highly motivated and fully uniformed staff for both exhibitions and corporate events, generating high quality leads and attracting potential customers to your stand. Our unique, professional and personal shoe cleaning service will dramatically increase traffic to your booth while successfully creating a buzz around your event – maximising your marketing opportunities whilst helping your company increase sales, and profits! Whilst your “prospect” is enjoying a well-earned break and shoe shine at your stand. Your team can conduct a relevant survey or deliver a “soft sell” approach in a totally relaxed atmosphere. At the end your potential customer leaves your space feeling pampered and invigorated and you will have a potential “lead” to follow up at a later date! Here is a short film to show you how our service could look at your event or exhibition.

Mobile Stand for Hotels / Offices

Over the years we have we have expanded in the Hoteling industry, Corporate offices, and State Owned Enterprises for both static and one off services. And have since positioned ourselves strategically, offering quality elite services at all times, superseding any competitors that may follow.